Apple has one of the safest operating system networks. Yet, they can be infected with viruses and cause harm to your personal data and the phone itself. Here are some ways you can clean your iPhone if it gets infected with virus.

Basic troubleshoot

You need to reset it to it’s original network settings. This can be done by clicking the setting button and going to the reset option. From here, you will be able to reset the network settings. After resetting the iPhone, it is necessary to restart it and restore it’s settings. This way you can get rid of the viruses.

Clean apps

You can clean up your phone by using clean apps. These apps delete all your applications. These apps save a lot of time as you don’t need to manually delete each application.

Change root password

You can change the root password of your iPhone. The default password of iPhone is ‘alpine’. You can look up blogs to find out how to change the root password.

iPhone users have exposed themselves to a wide variety of unreliable applications that can easily download viruses into their devices. If you think that your phone is infected, then you can use the methods discussed above to solve your problem. If your phone is still infected, you should go to a professional service provider.



Streaming sites are getting popular as you can watch free movies and videos through these sites. But streaming sites can be harmful. Here are three reasons you should avoid streaming sites on your phone.

Uses up bandwidth

If you overestimate or underestimate the bandwidth, they your video quality will suffer. If you make mistake in estimating bandwidth, then it may lead to loss of packet. This causes video quality to go down. Buffering can partly remove this problem.


Live video streaming can be costly. You need expensive camera and other equipment to transmit the feed. You may need services of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and this can be expensive. The cost of bandwidth usage is also high.

3 reasons to avoid using streaming sites on your phone

Freshness of content

Streaming is limited to its’ agreements. So, the content is not always new or up-to-date. This way, you will be streaming old contents and be deprived of viewing the updated version.

Streaming lets you get access to a lot of contents. You can basically watch and listen to anything you want without needing to store any file on your physical storage devices. Streaming services are also flexible. You can watch or listen to anything at any time. There is no ad in streaming; so unlike TV, you won’t be feeling disturbed by commercials or ads. Despite all these advantages, the disadvantages of streaming outweighs it’s benefits. So, you need to avoid streaming.



A growing number of people are making their bank payments and buying stuffs online using their smartphone. This way, they are making their smartphone more vulnerable to attacks. Here are four apps that can protect your smartphone.

1. NowSecure Mobile

NowSecure Mobile

Some phones become victims of malicious software; as a result, another person can remotely control your phone. This lets hackers to take files from your phone. You can download NowSecure Mobile app to protect your phone from this kind of malware. It is appropriate for both Android and iOS and it is free.

2. Clueful from Bitdefender ​

Clueful from Bitdefender ​

People often don’t think about securing their privacy when they download an app. This way, apps retain information in ways that consumers don’t suspect. Clueful is an app-scanning service which allows a deeper look at the way your apps handle your privacy. This app will let you know whether malware is built into various apps. This app can be used to make sure that your apps are free of malware. This is a free app suitable for both Android and iOS.

3. Skycure ​

Skycure ​

Network attacks through public Wi-Fi is a growing problem now. It is very easy for hackers to intercept public Wi-Fi. The Skycure app will protect your phone from Wi-Fi attacks. The app performs tests on wireless networks in order to make sure that there are no breaches. It is another free app appropriate for both iOS and Android.

4. LastPass ​

LastPass ​

People access social media and other accounts through their phones. It is necessary to protect these accounts through long and complex passwords. However, it is difficult to remember complicated passwords. LestPass is a third party password generator that generates a safe password for you. It also saves your password, so you won’t have to remember it. It is suitable for Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms. It will cost you $12 a year.

These four apps can protect your smartphone from malicious attacks by hackers. You can download these apps easily.