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Reasons why you should use Antivirus on a Smartphone

Smartphones are super capable mobile phones that run on a dedicated operating system, and if you had been following the cellphone specs for the past couple years you certainly know how the whole scenario has taken over regular computers. People now use a smartphone for media consumption and entertainment purposes, and tablets for productive tasks. Laptops and desktop computer are definitely in use till date, but for instant access to computing resources people opt for smartphones and tablets over laptop or desktop computers.

smartphones and antivirus apps

Apparently, that’s a very good reason why you should use antivirus on your handheld smart devices. However, we have come up with few more.

Protection against Malwares

Malware developers haven’t targeted smartphone as their main target field yet, but there’s no guarantee that they will not. iOS is more protected when it comes to protection of user files and stored information protection. Android is however slightly less protected out of the box, but with the addition of an antivirus program Android can be as strong as an iOS device is. Android has a bigger user base as well, hackers can always make great benefit out of their efforts if they put Android users in the crosshair. That’s one good reason why smartphone users, especially Android users should be more concerned about getting an antivirus program.

File Protection

Android ecosystem offers direct access to the file system on both internal and external storage system. Apple’s storage is more protected, since the apps are only eligible for accessing the storage and users can’t see what’s in-depth of the system. On the other hand, in Android it’s more like a computer that runs Linux. Based on a Linux kernel, Android offers the features for user’s interaction with every file in an Android smartphone. On a rooted phone using a root explorer, anyone can explore the system files of an Android devices; so does the malicious programs. An antivirus can prevent any harmful app to get that deep down into the system.

App Installation

Android allows installation of apps outside of the authorized app store; the Google Play Store. Anyone with an apk file can install that program, and Android won’t even bother about the security. Since this OS is mostly developed for an expert user base, it is expected that users know the potential risks of going off-limits. However, if you don’t know the pros and cons of app installation from unknown sources, it’s required you get your Android smartphone an antivirus app.

Internet Surfing

With Android’s flexibility, it is possible to run almost any sort of scripts on an internet browser in Android. Given that feature, it is possible that malicious programs might make a way into an Android system through the web gateway. An antivirus app can ensure there’s no such thing happening.

Anti-Theft Features

Most antivirus programs for Android or iOS comes with anti-theft features like locating the handset on a map, remote lock and device wipe etc. These features could help a user to protect their valuable data in case a smartphone is lost or theft. Thus, we would recommend using an antivirus app on smartphone which offers these features.


Here are few reasons a smartphone user should get antivirus apps for their smartphone. However, speaking of virus infection – that’s not an epidemic in smartphones yet. There are separate apps for the anti-theft based features mentioned as well. If you don’t need the other features mentioned, you can always pick a good alternative.

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